Business card website development

An original approach to a standard task – a site for a person and his project.

Business card site is a universal information resource

The purpose of creating a business card site is to present on the network general information about yourself, about the company, about the services provided, contact information. Information on such a site changes rarely and, as a rule, insignificantly. Most often, a business card site is a one-page resource.

Like an ordinary paper business card, a business card site is simple and versatile, suitable for everyone, regardless of the type of activity. Despite the minimal costs, such a site performs the most important function on the web – it creates an impression.

More details

Individual website development is, first of all, an orientation towards the end user, towards your target audience. Our main goal is to make your site work. The measure of our work is the success of our customers.
Because of this, the price range is very large. Leave a request, tell us more about your project so that we can announce a more accurate amount.